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Surrendering your Chihuahua

We at Yankee Chihuahua Rescue display a Rescue Photo I.D. Badge while conducting rescues, home visits and/or general rescue business.

Please don't surrender a dog to anyone unless the volunteer displays a badge with the YCRAA logo and photo I.D.

The decision to re-home your Chihuahua can be a difficult decision and not taken lightly. Giving up a dog is often due to issues such as housing options, allergies, behavioral issues, divorce, moving, a death or injury or illness in the family. Surrendering a dog means entrusting someone else with their care and well-being. It is a difficult and emotional time. Consider all the issues and possible solutions before you finalize the decision. If you decide that giving up your Chihuahua is best, YCRAA is here to support your decision.

Surrendering your Chihuahua to YCRAA gives them the best opportunity for another happy life. It may be a difficult choice but it is also a gift of kindness and understanding.


What happens when I surrender my dog to rescue?

Upon surrendering your Chihuahua to YCRAA, the dog will be brought up to date on vaccinations, treated for any injuries or medical conditions and if needed, spayed/neutered. The dog will be heart worm tested and started on heart worm treatment. Sometimes the dogs are in rescue for weeks or even months before being placed. During that time, they live in foster homes where they are fed high-quality food. We do our best to provide socialization and obedience training for the dogs in our care. All of these expenditures far exceed our requested adoption donation. Therefore, donations from the former owner are much appreciated.

You will be asked to sign a surrender agreement. In signing the surrender agreement, you must have the understanding that you have relinquished all rights to the dog and may not re-claim the dog. However, you are welcome to contact us and we will be glad to let you know about your dog's new home. It is helpful if you can give YCRAA all medical records, registration papers, micro-chip info and forms, and any other paperwork you may have for the dog.

The surrendered dogs must
  • Have no history of inappropriate aggression or biting.
  • Pass a temperament evaluation.
  • Look reasonably like a Chihuahua and be 10 pounds or under.
  • Be surrendered with a signed surrender contract, giving YCRAA ownership of the dog.

The Surrender Process
  • Owner completes our foster dog intake form which helps us to assess the dog
  • YCRAA Coordinator in your state receives and reviews the form and calls the owner to get further details on the dog and the situation. During the conversation, the YCRAA volunteer may suggest solutions to short term problems or alternatives to surrender.
  • If the YCRAA believes the dog is a candidate for surrender, the state coordinator will contact a local evaluator with the dog's information and request an evaluation.
  • The evaluator schedules and performs a temperament evaluation and passes the information back to the YCRAA Board of Directors, who reviews the results and determines if the dog should be accepted for foster care.
  • If immediate foster care is available, the state coordinator informs the owner and asks them to prepare for the surrender.
  • If foster care will be available in the next couple of months, the state coordinator works with the owner to determine if they might wait.
  • If suitable foster care is not available, the state coordinator will work with the owner to find alternative solutions. There are sometimes when we cannot accept a dog because we have too many fosters already. It is always best to discuss a surrender with YCR well in advance of any immediate need to surrender a dog
  • At surrender time, the dog is surrendered to a YCRAA volunteer with a signed surrender contract.
Take the time to be sure surrender is the right thing to do for your dog and yourself.
We at Yankee Chihuahua Rescue and Adoption display a Rescue Photo I.D. Badge
while conducting rescues, home visits and/or general rescue business.  Please don't surrender a dog to anyone unless the volunteer displays a badge with the YCRAA logo and photo I.D.

We do have an on line foster dog intake form. If you'd like to submit one, our Intake Coordinator will get back to you. Sending us a form does not commit you to anything, it just gives us more information about your dog.

We'd be happy to talk with you about your options. For more information or to surrender a dog, contact; info@YankeeChihuahuaRescue.org

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