Famous Chihuahuas
Famous Chihuahuas
Famous Chihuahuas
Famous Chihuahuas
* Coco, featured in the television series Dog Whisperer and owned by Cesar Millan.
* Dinky, the first Taco Bell Chihuahua.
* Gidget, the second Taco Bell Chihuahua and the actress who played Bruiser's mom in Legally Blonde 2.
* Moonie the actor who played Bruiser, Elle Woods' companion in the Legally Blonde movies.
* Pepito, Xavier Cugat's Chihuahua in the children's book Pepito the Little Dancing Dog: The Story of Xavier Cugat's Chihuahua.
* Tinkerbell and Bambi, companions of Paris Hilton. Tinkerbell is the "author" of "Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries".
* Wheely Willy, a paraplegic Chihuahua from Long Beach, California who has become a celebrity as the subject of two bestselling children's books.
* Lou, a Chihuahua that appears on every episode of The Soup on the E! networkFictional
* Chloe played by Angel, co-star of the film Beverly Hills Chihuahua.
* Enrique, Hector Con Carne's pet Chihuahua from Evil Con Carne.
* Geraldo, Max Shreck's Chihuahua in Batman Returns.
* Madame Shirley the Medium, an old-fortune teller Chihuahua featured in a TV Show Cartoon, Courage the Cowardly Dog.
* Mammoth Mutt, from the cartoon series Krypto the Superdog.
* Mojo, Samuel Witwicky's Chihuahua from Transformers.
* Papi played by Rusco, the other co-star of Beverly Hills Chihuahua.
* Chip, Sonic's aide in Sonic Unleashed
* Ren Höek, of Ren and Stimpy fame.
* The Spooky Chihuahua from Invader Zim.
* Lilly Megan Hauserman's dog from I Love Money, Rock of Love Charm School, and Beauty and the Geek
Famous Chihuahuas
Famous Chihuahuas
Famous Chihuahuas
Famous Chihuahuas