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Foster Home Application

This form is for Foster Parent Application. Please complete ALL entries. This form will not be successfully submitted without all the required questions answered. If you are interested in Volunteering and do not want to Foster, please complete the shorter Volunteer Form.

If you can not complete the application, then please send email to Volunteer@YankeeChihuahuaRescue.org for assistance.
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You must be 25 years or older to foster an animal. A valid ID is required.

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What other types of work are you interested in performing for YCR?
   Manning YCR booth at fairs and shows
   Transportation of YCR dogs
   Adoption interviews and home checks
   Contact person and dissemination of adoption procedures to adoption applicants
   Contact person/dissemination of volunteer procedures to new applicants
   Resource contact for shelters and other rescue organizations
   Web site support
   Database maintenance
   Emergency, short term foster

* Are you, or have you volunteered with a rescue group previously?

If yes, please provide organization’s name and contact information

* Have you fostered previously? 

* Why do you want to foster a Chihuahua?

* Does everyone in your household know that you are applying to foster a Chihuahua?

* Does every member of your household want to foster a dog?

* Please describe those pets that are currently with you (type, age, sex, altered status, etc.)

* Please describe those pets that are no longer with you and why

* Does anyone in the household have allergies?

* List all adults in household, including yourself, their ages and relationship to applicant.
(Please include all residents and housemates whether related or unrelated)

* List all Children in household and their ages; if none please state "none".

* How much adult supervision will the dog and child be provided?

* Do you have neighborhood children? How old are the neighbor's children?

* Will the dog have interaction with neighborhood children?

* How much interaction will the dog have with visitors?

* What is the level of activity in your household? (laid back, on the go, athletic)

* What type of home do you live in? (Condo, single family dwelling, apartment, etc.?)

* Is there is any aspect of your home that a foster could affect? Are there any safety hazards?

* Is there a fenced yard? If so what type fencing and what size is it?
What sort of an outdoor area is there?

* Do you own or rent your residence?
If you rent, please provide the name, address and phone number of your landlord.
Please note: if you live in a condo, assisted care facility or senior housing,
we will need a letter from management stating you may adopt a dog from us.

* Where will the dog sleep every night?

* How much time will the dog get to spend outside?

* How many hours a day will the dog be left unattended? Where will they stay?

* How frequently will you be gone away from home on business/ vacation / trips?

* When you are away where will the dog be kept?

* Any current long range plans which will change your living situation within the next year?

* What do you intend to feed the dog?

* How will you house train the dog (please detail)?

* Are you familiar with Crate Training? We encourage all Foster Parent to Crate Train.  It helps the foster adapt more quickly and with less stress when they find their forever homes

* How will you ensure the safety of your Foster dog?

* Are you willing to groom the animal and trim nails?

* Are you willing to work with a foster on obedience training or provide behavior modification?

* Will you provide leashed walks?

* How would you encourage or reinforce the foster dog's appropriate (* good* ) behavior?

* How would you prevent, modify or manage the foster dog's inappropriate (* not so good* ) ill-timed behavior?

* Are you willing to travel to pick up a dog?  How far?

* Are you prepared to keep the foster dog for an indefinite period of time, until the dog can be placed into an approved home?

List any preference you have in fostering a dog using the checkboxes below:
Note: If no selections are made then "No Preference" will be assumed.

Up to 6 years
6 years or older
Up to 6 lbs
Up to 10 lbs
Over 10 lbs

Please consider me for fostering a Special Needs Dog    Yes No
Please consider me for fostering a Senior Dog                 Yes No

Are you willing to foster an animal that has health problems?  Yes No
If yes, then is there any specific health problem(s) that will not be accepted?

* Will you allow a representative of YCR visit your home?
Yes No

Are you aware that your application must be approved and a Home Check done before you are enlisted as an YCR volunteer?
* Yes  I understand I must be approved before I may volunteer,

Do you understand that Foster homes can not adopt their first Chihuahua foster?
* Yes  I Understand I can not adopt my first Chihuahua foster.

* Please provide the name & address of the Veterinarian you will be using for this dog.
* Veterinarian Phone

Personal Reference:

If you have a dog that attends Doggie Day Care or has a Dog Walker you may provide their information here:

Street Address, City/Town, State, Zip


Once you have completed and submitted this Volunteer Application, an YCR volunteer will contact you regarding the status of your application. If approved, a copy of the YCR Code of Ethics and Fostering Agreement form will be sent to you for your signature. A signed Code of Ethics form must be on file with YCR before we can enlist your help as a volunteer.

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